Nik Hagler as Mark Twain

Need a Mark Twain actor or impersonator for your next convention, sales meeting or fund raiser in Houston? It's not necessary to pay for expensive transportation costs to hire out-of-town talent. Nik Hagler, who resides in the Houston area, has appeared in numerous television shows and movies and will bring the humor and wit of Mark Twain to life at your next function.

Nik has charmed audiences with the homespun humor of Mark Twain since 1990. In fact, Nik interjects some comments on current happenings as if Mark Twain were alive today. You may even hear some remarks from Mark Twain's autobiography, soon to be released.

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Nik has appeared on television shows such as Dallas, Streets of Laredo and Walker,Texas Ranger. Movie appearances include roles in The Big Easy, Eddie Macon's Run, and Muhammed Ali: King of the World. Click here for a full listing of Nik's television and movie credits.

Nik Hagler has a Ph.D. in Fine Arts from the University Of Florida. He has taught drama at Houston Baptist University and presently is an instructor at Houston Community College. Nik enjoys an occasional round of golf and agrees with Mark Twain's assessment of the game: Golf is a good walk ruined.